Amanda Dutra

Pilates was the first form of exercise to ever speak to Amanda. Discovering the Reformer in 2003, she was instantly hooked by the wide range of workout possibilities and extensive health benefits. Beyond increasing flexibility and improving core strength, posture, and alignment, she found Pilates fostered a deeper understanding of being in-tune with one’s self. Amanda loves teaching others to experience and utilize that transforming mind-body connection.

Amanda spent over a decade working with skilled mentors and has certifications from PhysicalMind Institute and Balanced Body. Her first priority is to create a personal relationship with each of her clients to maximize their fitness potential. As a lifelong learner, Amanda is constantly building up her skills to bring you the best techniques and proactive knowledge


Mallory Wreden

Mallory began her fitness journey towards Pilates with personal training in 2013. Casting aside weight-lifting focused workouts, Mallory embraced protecting her body and improving her physical and mental strength. Early into practice, she noticed a change in her overall wellness.

Passionate about her workouts, Mallory loves conditioning her clients to reach their fitness goals. She is Balance Body certified in Pilates; a certified personal trainer through ISSA and ACE, Burn at the Barre and Booty Barre sculpt and has an AA degree in Nutrition Sports and Fitness from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. Packing a little extra kick, Mallory’s classes are bound to make you sweat.


Randyn Spear

Randyn has been a dancer since the age of 3. She has performed throughout California competitively and spent 15 years choreographing for dance studios and college dance teams all while pursuing a professional dance career. After intense rehearsals, Pilates helped Randyn keep her body balanced and her mind sharp throughout her career. 

As a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Dance, Randyn has an extensive understanding of anatomy, body placement, and movement.  She received her comprehensive certification plus Dance Specialization through BASI with Karen Clippinger and has continued to acquire a multitude of certifications in various genres of Pilates and fitness. Randyn enjoys working and meeting with all types of clientele and hopes to share her passion for beautiful movement. Armed with well-rounded experience, Randyn loves encouraging and challenging her clients to reach their best self! 


Matthew Lovato

Matt was first drawn to Pilates as an avenue for deepening his understanding of body mechanics. With 8 years of experience in the fitness and health industry, he enjoys teaching others best practices for improving strength and posture. As an instructor, he values engaging with his clients to help them better their physical and mental wellbeing.

In addition to being an accredited personal trainer, Matt has also obtained his Pilates Reformer certification through Balanced Body University. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and continues to expand his knowledge of fitness by competing in marathons, obstacle course racing and martial arts.


Julie Coleman

Julie decided it was time to get healthy in 2008. In a single year, she lost 80 lbs by working with a personal trainer, changing her diet and playing tennis. Keeping to a rigorous exercise routine, her body began to feel sore and fatigued. Taking Pilates Reformer classes a couple times a week lengthened and strengthened her muscles, reducing her aches and pains. Julie even stretched herself a full-inch taller!

Julie says Pilates has allowed her to connect with her body on a level she’s never experienced with other forms of exercise. She is comprehensively certified through Balanced Body and Barre certified through Burn at the Barre. She hopes her personal, ongoing weight-loss and fitness journey will encourage her clients to reap the physical and mental benefits of Pilates.  


Sophia Caressa

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Sophia is a registered nurse and professional actor and dancer at PCPA. She was originally drawn to Pilates Barre as a means to improve her strength and flexibility, as well as challenge her love-hate relationship with cardio. (She is happy to share that Barre has made cardio her friend!) As an instructor, she is passionate about creating an atmosphere that is encouraging, safe, and engaging. Her background in nursing informs her practice, as she uses her extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology to teach best practices that emphasize safe posture, intentional movement, and also having a great time! Her hope is that after Barre class, her clients feel strong, revitalized, and ready to conquer their day.


Bryanna Cross

Bryanna Cross's background is in classical and contemporary ballet. Bryanna spent over 10 years in intensive classical ballet training starting at age 9. Spending her final years of training at the San Francisco Ballet, School of American Ballet in NY,NY and Private training with Marina Eglevsky. From there Bryanna proceeded to performed in many professional ballet companies all over the San Francisco CA, Redding CA, Paris, France, Manhattan NY, Long Island NY, Baltimore MA, Buffalo NY and New Jersey. Bryanna used both yoga and pilates as injury rehab and prevention since 2003. Bryanna started teaching classical and contemporary ballet in 2009. Bryanna incorporated yoga, pilates and safety in posture and alignment into her lesson plans for all her students, ages 3 - adult . Bryanna has completed her 200-hour yoga certification with a specialization in power Vinyasa flow. As well as completing her Pilates certification full apparatus. Bryanna has devoted herself to the study of the body in order to incorporate an anatomical understanding of movement into all of her classes, thereby creating well-rounded programs that meet the individual needs of her clients.


Irene Kleinbauer

Originally from Santa Maria, CA, Irene Kleinbauer has extensive, professional training in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, social dance, ballroom, and ethnic dance styles. At age 8, Irene's first teaching experience was directing her neighborhood friends in original dances and plays performed in front of her house for all their parents. Irene continued studying her love of dance in college, earning a B.F.A. in Dance (cum laude) from CSU Long Beach.

Irene’s teaching and choreographic opportunities are vast and impressive. She works with notable dance powerhouses on local and national stages. Currently, Irene teaches group and private dance classes and barre fitness, choreographs for musical theater, operates Dancisms Apparel, and consults performers and helps build their portfolios. Irene owns KleinDance Arts and is Burn at the Barre certified. She feels fortunate she is able to use dance as the focus of her career work.


Carli Will

Carli is passionate about helping others and thrives by feeling connected to her community. As a dancer in her youth, she incorporates an enthusiasm for movement into her classes. Carli always creates an engaging atmosphere in the studio with her love for sharing health, fitness and wellness practices.

Recently graduated from Santa Clara University, Carli has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Science. She began incorporating Pilates and Barre classes into her workout regime during her college years. In 2017, she gained her Barre certified through Tracy Mallet’s Booty Barre. In the summer of 2018 she acquired her Pilates Reformer certification through Balanced Body.


Amber Bell

Amber says Pilates continues to inspire her even after 15 years of practice. Her greatest joy in the studio is to help others improve their physical strength and wellness. As a teacher, Amber’s goal is to inspire body positivity and happiness. She is Balanced Body certified and continues to deepen her understanding of fitness to assist others on their Pilates journey.